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As many of you know, I am one of those unfortunate souls who have a felony conviction on my record.  This conviction is now nearly six years old, but it still haunts me, making my life very difficult.

I recently submitted several Graduate School applications, only one of which specifically asked about felony convictions.  Of course, I answered the question truthfully, and I received a rejection letter almost immediately.  Troubling, but not nearly as much as another school.

School number two asked no questions on the admissions applications about past felony convictions, so I did not volunteer the information, as I wanted to be judged solely on my qualifications.  Very quickly after submitting my application I was invited to interview for the program. 

Yesterday I received a letter stating that my invitation to interview had been suspended until I specifically addressed my rehabilitation from my felony conviction, and provide additional references.

So, here is my question: If a past felony conviction is going to play into the admissions process, isn't it incumbent upon the institution to ask on the application?  

A second question, of the legal variety:  If, after I provide the requested information, my invitation to interview is not reinstated, do I have any legal standing to sue?

Comments here, or on twitter (@unknownlefty) would be much appreciated.

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